Pastor andrew farhat

When I was 19 years old, I began to seek out the meaning of life.  I wanted to know why I was here and what my purpose was.  In January of 2000, I took a closer look at the Christian faith and I was amazed at what I discovered.  No other faith claimed that God became a person, lived a sinless life, walked on water, laid down His life for humanity's sake, and rose from the dead.  No other religious leader claimed to be God and backed it up as Jesus of Nazareth did.  While hearing the Word of God in a men's Bible study group, the Holy Spirit came upon me and changed me from a non-believer to a believer in Jesus Christ.  Afterwards, I became passionate about the new life that Jesus gives and the hope and confidence I found in Him.

In 2005, my wife, Daisy, and I sold our house and I left my job as an electrical engineer in Bremerton, Washington, and we moved to Saint Louis, Missouri, where I entered the Master of Divinity program at Concordia Seminary.  After three years of study and a one-year internship in Denver, Colorado, Saint Paul Lutheran Church and School in Roseburg, Oregon, called me to be its pastor in 2009.  I am currently in my ninth year and am thankful to God for the work of the Gospel that has been accomplished here.