Accepting Your Assignment

Are you content?  Why or why not?  Many people are not content because they believe they have not achieved enough.  Dr. Crawford Loritts, a nationally known Bible speaker and author wrote: “We live in a Western culture that worships materialism and achievement.  In our businesses and even in our churches we think something is wrong if we aren’t meeting our quarterly or yearly growth projections….This man centered philosophy cannot help but influence our leadership. We look for for leaders who can achieve the type of growth we expect, but we don’t consider whether or not that growth reflects God’s priorities” (Leadership as an Identity, p. 21).

If we are not content, we are always wanting more. I want more money.  I want better looks.  I want more recognition.  More influence.  More success. More. And, I want different circumstances!  However, Timothy Keller, theologian and Christian apologist wrote on Facebook today: “What makes life ‘good’ is not a particular set of circumstances, but how the heart interacts with them.”  Isn’t that true?  When God, the Creator of the Universe, promises to be with us eternally, actually dwells in our inner beings by faith in Jesus, what set of circumstances can we not endure?! God’s Word says that because of His presence we can endure any set of circumstances, even death itself!

One of the major ways that God gives us contentment is when we know and accept God’s assignment for our vocation and position of leadership (Loritts, p. 24).  We may say: why not more success?  Why not more influence?  I want more!  But God is saying: it’s not about your glory. It’s about me and my glory. When you think about it, we are so small and God is so big!  The Bible says: “It is he [God] who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers” (Isaiah 40:22). What?  Grasshoppers? But, when you think about it, it is true: God is eternal and out of time.  We are creatures and our knowledge of time is limited.  For God, a thousand years is like one day.  For us, one day can be very stressful and burdensome.  We exist because of God and for God. There is nothing else that is going to give us contentment that gives deep satisfaction to the core of our inner beings. And the Good News is this: that even though we are small little grasshoppers inhabiting the earth, God sent His one and only Son to reclaim and restore our relationship back to Him through His Son Jesus.  When we get this, and we accept God’s assignment for our lives, we have the driving force and heart to interact with whatever circumstances come our way.