God's Final Judgment

You have a Creator who loves you.  If you say there is no Creator, could you be living in denial?  God has made Himself obvious by creating you (you have a lot of depth!) and creating this world (it is amazing).  When you look in the mirror and you also look at the complexity and beauty of God’s creation, God’s hope is that you will know He exists.  If you patiently reflect on this, you will conclude that you have been created by a higher power and are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Since you have a Creator, you must also know that one day you will be evaluated by Him.  We all do a lot of judging concerning what is right and wrong; what is true and false.  We are very opinionated and make a lot of evaluations regarding life and society.  However, God is your ultimate Judge.  He’s given you this life as a trust, a test, and a temporary assignment.  One day, you and I will stand before God and be judged by Him.

So, how can we know if we will be accepted by Him or not on the day when we are judged?  God chose a man by the name of Paul to be an Apostle, a messenger of God who speaks God’s truth.  This is what He said:

You will be judged based on everything you have ever done.  At first glance, Paul says: to those who seek for God’s glory and honor, God will give eternal life.  And those who are self-seeking and who are flippant towards God and do what they want, there will only be God’s wrath and fury (Romans 2:7).  So, it seems Paul is saying: good people will have eternal life with God.  And bad people will suffer at the hands of God’s wrath.  But, Paul is not done.

No one is good.  Paul said that good people will gain eternal life. But, there is a problem: no one does good (Romans 3:10-11).  God’s Law (His standard) is flawless perfection.  Our thoughts, words and deeds, are corrupted by sin.  Even the good we want to do, we mess it up by seeking our own glory.  His flawless perfection causes everyone to be held accountable (Romans 3:19).  Therefore, no one can be granted eternal life based on how good of a life they live, because God’s flawless standard reveals one thing: we are dead in our sin.

Our only hope is in God’s Son: Jesus Christ.  There is Good News: God gave His one and only Son to live the flawless life in your place. God made a way for your sins to be atoned for and forgiven.  He put His Son on the cross to suffer and die.  On the cross, Paul says there is:

  • Propitiation: Propitiation means that God’s wrath towards sin was placed on Jesus for all the people in all of human history.  This satisfies the justice of God. (Romans 3:25)
  • Redemption: We are set free from our sins and given a new beginning with God when we have faith in Jesus.  (Romans 3:24).
  • Forgiveness: We are forgiven of everything we have ever said, thought, or done that has offended God.  (Romans 4:7-8)
  • Atonement: Jesus has made atonement for our sin and God does not count it against us any longer. (Romans 3:25; 4:7-8).
  • Reconciliation: We can be reconciled to God and be at peace with Him once we believe in what Jesus has done for us on the cross. (Romans 5:10-11)

Conclusion: Paul’s conclusion is this: without Jesus, all you have is your sin and God’s wrath towards it.  But, with Jesus, you have salvation now and salvation on the Day of Judgment.

Objections: Some will say this is too easy: All we have to do is put our faith in Jesus’ atonement for our sin and we will be accepted by God.  Paul’s answer: No. It wasn’t easy at all.  Jesus had to go through one of the most brutal death’s in human history in your place even though He was innocent and had done nothing wrong.  Although He was God’s Son, He bore the sins of the whole world and shed His blood in your place.  Therefore, God’s grace is not only free but is costly and bloody.

What about those who have never heard about Jesus?  Paul’s answer: that is not for you to worry about (let God worry about it).  You have now heard of Jesus.  You have now heard God’s perfect flawless standard and how you fall short. And you have now heard about God’s only Son who has made atonement for your sin.  You know the way. The way is Jesus. Put your faith in Jesus let a just God deal with everyone else.  He is just and He will grant people life according to His will.

Final Question: Do you have faith in Jesus’ death on your behalf to bring you reconciliation with God?   My hope and prayer is that you would!  Here is why: You will have healing and wholeness in God!