How Do I Get Saved?

Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection from the dead is how you can have that broken relationship with God restored.  God put His one and only Son on the cross to bring you redemption.  Redemption is to be bought out of slavery.  Your slavery to sin.  Your slavery to guilt.  He gives you freedom from your sin by His blood.  His blood is the price that it cost to get you restored in your relationship with God.  God’s one and only Son did this for you because He is a God that is pursuing you, a God who loves you, a God who desires a personal relationship with you.  He makes you new!  Through Christ’s resurrection, Jesus conquered death, the enemy that will assault all of us one day.  Jesus beat death by rising from it. This is good news!  This changes everything!  He gives eternal life which begins now.  The key is recognizing that Jesus didn’t simply die in a general way for the sins of the whole world.  But, Jesus died in a personal way to forgive and redeem you.  This video preaches and displays this good news in an awesome way: