Jesus Is

In his book, Jesus is _______, Pastor Judah Smith demystifies who Jesus is and challenges his readers to find a new way to be human; a new way to exist.  He says that:

Jesus is the friend of sinners.   We spend so much of our time judging the news, judging politicians, judging celebrities, judging others.  According to Scripture, we’ve all missed the mark in our thoughts, words, and deeds compared to our Holy God.  So, instead of trying to exalt our own righteousness and judge the world based on our sense of morality, Pastor Judah challenges his readers to rest in the grace filled friendship of Jesus Christ.  It’s amazing to think that Jesus would call me His friend (John 15:13-15).

Jesus is Grace.  We are not in a relationship with rules, but in a relationship with Jesus.  For much of my life I’ve tried to meet my own standard of holiness with a bunch of rules throughout my day.  However, I am no longer under law, but under grace (Rom. 6:14).  Pastor Judah says that grace is a person (Titus 2:11-13).  By faith, we are in an intimate and loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Point.  We’ve all made so many things the point of life: our looks, our career, our reputation, ourselves, our money, our IQ, our opinion, morality, perfection, social justice, our property….We consume more then any other nation in the world, but yet we have the highest percentage of depressed people.  Pastor Judah says: “You can take away my stuff, but you can’t take away Jesus.”

Jesus is Happy.  When we make Jesus the point, we are joyful.  When we make other non-eternal things the point, we are not.

Jesus is Here.  His loving presence lives in us by faith and Pastor Judah encourages us to appeal to His loving presence in our prayer lives.  When we are aware of Jesus’ presence, we can go through anything even death itself!

Jesus is Alive.  William Wallace said: “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.”  Are you really living?  Pastor Judah teaches on the mercy and grace of God which makes us alive because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.   He says we get power, peace, and identity in Jesus when Jesus’ resurrection becomes our own.