The Seahawks and Worship

We are worshipers.  We pour out our heart, time, money, mind, and energy into someone or something.  That person or thing that we love becomes a functional god for us. 

For Seahawks fans (like myself) last night, we were heartbroken, and for some, very depressed.  Our heaven would have been celebration, watching Russell Wilson lift up the Lombardi Trophy with green and blue confetti in the air with Seahawks players running through it.  Our heaven would have continued in the off season as we watched the game again on NFL Replay, Sound FX, went to the parade, and boasted of our own glory as a city.  Instead, we entered into hell. Tom Brady lifted up the trophy, not Russell Wilson.  We are still in shock. We are still discouraged. For some, there is a crisis that we are not sure we will be able to overcome.  We lost a Super Bowl we could have won.  And now for die hard Seahawks fans we have a discouraging off season to look forward to as we do not know if some of our best players are returning: Marshawn Lynch and Byron Maxwell.

If you idolize something or someone you will also villainize.  The villain last night was our Offensive Coordinator who called a pass play that resulted in the game losing interception, Darrell Bevell.  Fans posted all night their hatred for him because he chose not to give the ball to our running back, Lynch, from the one yard line on first and goal.  He is the villain.  We all hate him now. He needs to be fired. 

Other gods that people tend to worship are money, beauty, sex, and ourselves (I’m sure there is more!).  The problem is: all of these things are not good gods.  They will not always come through.  We never know what the end of the game is.

However, through Jesus Christ, we know what the end of the game is.  He rose from the dead.  He has that much power. And consequently, He elicits our worship because He did something that all the players on that field last night could only dream of overcoming: death.  He promises those who trust in His resurrection on their behalf that they too will rise from death.  All of human history changed after His resurrection and all of human history is headed towards resurrection.  Jesus said: “For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day” (The Gospel of John, 6:40).  Those who trust in Jesus know how the end of the game will turn out.